Open Days

The next Virtual Open Day is on 18 September. Come and join us here

Unfortunately, due to the current situation with COVID-19, the September Open Day will not be able to go ahead face-to-face as usual. But don't worry! Our September Open Day will be brought to you virtually instead. If you're planning to visit us during our Virtual Open Day, you can register here. Registration for the Virtual Open Days is not compulsory, but by registering you will be eligible to receive lots of useful information about the event and about applying for undergraduate study at Oxford.

On 18 September, three of our current students will be available to chat from 10am to 4pm. (A link to the live chat will be available here on the day!) You can ask them questions and find out what they think about their studies and St Hilda's! For all your admissions questions, the Senior Tutor, Dr Sarah Norman, and the Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach Officer, Emma Gregory, will be available from 9am to 4.30pm. We also have different videos available; they include "Why chose St Hilda's", "What is a tutorial?", and a tour of the college, showing our beautiful grounds. There is also a presentation about studying at St Hilda's and the University of Oxford, delivered by Dr Norman. 

Let us introduce our students who will be available on Friday:

Hi all, my name is Emily and I'm in my second year studying Chemistry. I've really enjoyed getting involved in as much college sport as possible - I set up the Hilda's running club and play in the netball, hockey and football college teams. If you have any questions about the clubs Hilda's has to offer I can definitely help and, as someone that loves every aspect of Hilda's, I hope I can show you why it's such a friendly and exciting college to be a member of.

I’m Ethan, I am 19 and I study Economics and Management. I will be starting my second year in October. I have found St Hilda’s to be a welcoming and supportive college. It’s very easy to get involved with sport, we have college parties regularly and Saturday brunch is legendary.

My name’s Zaynab and I am a first year Law student at St Hilda’s. My favourite thing about the college is undoubtedly the community spirit. I have made friends from all corners of the globe and always find that there’s someone I can turn to when times are tough. A unique thing about Hilda’s is that is it the only college that has round tables in the dining hall. This makes it so much easier to talk to everyone, and probably what I’m missing most during this remote term is Saturday brunch in Hall!

Hi, my name is Saarah and I’m a second year Medic at St Hilda’s and this year’s JCR Access Officer. I’m also involved in Blues Taekwondo and would love to answer any questions about competing in university-level sport. My favourite part about St Hilda’s is the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. This really makes all the difference when first settling in to a new university environment. There really is a place for everyone here!


We look forward to meeting you (virtually) on 18 September!

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