Subject-Specific Grants for Graduate Students

Graduate students at St Hilda's are encouraged to apply for subject-specific grants and bursaries.

History: The Morgan Fund is used to award prizes and travel bursaries to graduates reading History. Applications are made direct to the History Tutors on the K.O. Morgan Application Form on WebLearn.

Medicine: The Jenny Tyrrell Fund provides £500 for Clinical Medicine students' electives in addition to travel funding (as above). Clinical students can also claim up to £200 for clinical equipment. Enquiries to the Accounts Office.

Medieval Studies: The David Wulstan Fund is for graduate students reading for a postgraduate degree in any subject in the field of medieval studies. Grants are made to fund costs relating to research purposes, such as travel to visit libraries or archives or to participate in a conference (eg giving a poster or paper presentation). Applications are invited for any sum up to a maximum of £800 and should be made on the David Wulstan application form on WebLearn. The deadline for applications is Wednesday of 2nd week of Hilary Term.

Humanities: The Kojo Minta fund is for graduate students in the Humanities, and currently awards two travel and research grants (up to £500 per award) each Hilary Term. MCR members are invited to apply for these in order to complete research and undertake travel to support their studies. Applications should be made on the Travel Grant application form or the Research and Study Grant application form provided on the College WebLearn site. Recipients of this grant are required to write a short report (of around 200 words) detailing how the funds were used. To see sample reports please visit The Kojo Minta Memorial Fund page.