Study and Personal Support

St Hilda’s is proud of the high quality of its teaching. We offer extensive academic and welfare support. We hope that all students will feel free to ask for help at any time. Grants are available to purchase books and to help with study related-travel and academic resarch projects. We also have grants for emergency hardship support. You can seek advice in college and from related services in the University in a number of ways. 

Personal Tutors and College Officers

Each undergraduate is allotted a Personal Tutor who is available for general consultation on any problems, academic or personal.

Students seeking general help or advice may always consult the Principal, their College Adviser / Personal Tutor or any senior member of staff, especially the Vice-Principal, the Senior Tutor, the Dean, the Chaplain, or the Academic Registrar.

In 2017, Fellow and Tutor in Law at St Hilda's, Dr Dev Gangjee, won an Outstanding Pastoral Support Award at the Oxford University Student Union's Teaching Awards, at which the following members of our academic staff were also nominated for awards:

Outstanding Tutor Award:

  • Dr Maike Glitsch Associate Professor of Biomedical Science and Fellow at St Hilda’s College
  • Dr Lorraine Wild Tutor in Geography and Fellow at St Hilda’s College
  • Dr Ruth Percy Tutor and Lecturer in Modern British History, St Hilda’s College
  • Dr Sebastian Wedler Lecturer, Tutor and  Junior Research Fellow, St. Hilda’s College and Faculty of Music

Outstanding Pastoral Support Award:

  • Dr Emily Kearns Fellow of St Hilda’s, Member of the faculty of Classics
  • Professor Dev Gangjee Associate Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Faculty of Law; Fellow of St Hilda’s College
  • Dr Lorraine Wild Tutor in Geography and Fellow at St Hilda’s College
  • Dr Ruth Percy College Lecturer in Modern British History

OUSU's Special Recognition Award.

  • Dr Ann Dowker, College Lecturer in Psychology, University Research Lecturer, Department of Experimental Psychology

Best Support Staff Award.

  • Rachel Ashmore, Scout for St Hilda’s College


St Hilda's has a range of support for all of its students. Further details on support for students with disabilities, those requiring medical help, welfare or advice on transgender or harassment can be found on the current student pages.

Financial Information

St Hilda's has very generous financial support for students. The College has an extensive range of funds that give our current students many opportunities to apply for grants and bursaries.

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