Student Handbook

Here you will find information relating to all aspects of life at St Hilda's. Answers to most of your questions are here but if you need further information, please contact the academic office. 

PART A - Who's Who and College Administration

  • Who's Who / The Common Rooms / College Administration

PART B - Academic Information

  • Academic Obligations / Academic Discipline (UG) / College Support / Examinations

PART C - Financial Matters

  • Fees and Charges / College and Other Support Funds (includes Vacation Study Residence Grants)

PART D - Advice and Help

  • Who to Contact / Support and Welfare / Medical Information / Careers

PART E - Domestic Arrangements and Life in College

  • Behaviour and Discipline, and Role of the Dean / Accommodation and Meals / Safety and Security

PART F - Facilities

  • Common Rooms / IT / College Grounds / Religious Life / Music and Arts

PART G - Communications and Contacts

  • Your Contact Information / Mail and Email / Messenger / Deliveries

PART H APPENDICESCollege By-Law XX; Policies and Codes of Practice

PART I - Useful Websites