Schools & Outreach Programme at St Hilda's

Information about regionalisation – Surrey schools

The University of Oxford has developed a programme of ‘link colleges’ to simplify communication between UK schools and the University. Every school in the country is linked with an Oxford college.

This scheme not only allows the University to get to know schools and colleges in specific regions better, but also gives schools and colleges a more personal and direct way of staying in touch with the University. St Hilda’s College is currently linked with schools in the region of Surrey, and organises a diverse and flexible programme of outreach events.

As part of the College’s on-going commitment to equality and excellence through outreach, St Hilda’s plans a number of events throughout the year for schools. These include Subject and Oxford Experience Days. We have also a well-established Surrey state schools-St Hilda’s College partnership, which offers twilight academic taster sessions in host schools. These events offer students an opportunity to get a flavour of life at St Hilda’s College and the University, and to learn about subject enrichment. 

Sample timetable for a school visit to St Hilda’s College

  • 10:45 Arrival & Welcome talk                                              
  • 11:45 Q&A student Ambassadors                
  • 12:15 Tour of college                                           
  • 12:30 Lunch in Halls                                            
  • 13:15 Walk to Taster Session in Dept         
  • 14:00 Taster Session                                  
  • 15:30 Return and departure from Hilda's College

St Hilda's is also a keen supporter of the Oxford UNIQ Summer Schools and is pleased to host students during these events. This summer school provides a week-long academic course in a wide variety of subjects and are free for Year 12 students studying at UK state schools! The courses are spread across a three-week period in July and August. Information about applications to the UNIQ Summer Schools can be found on their website.

Additionally, across the collegiate university are many outreach events, department open days, individual college study days, essay competitions, teacher study events that you can find out more about via the teacher eNewsletter. Alternatively, you may wish to sign up to regular emails from our Schools Programme Officer, Corinne Tomsett, who will happily signpost these opportunities to you as they become available to your students and teachers. Please contact Corinne directly to sign up.

How to find us

St Hilda's College is on Cowley Place, the Plain, which is just over Magdalen Bridge. The nearest park & ride to St Hilda's is Thornhill Park & Ride. The  nearest bus stop to us is St Clement's (a two-minute walk from the College).


School visit to St Hilda's CollegeSchool visit to St Hilda's CollegeSchool visit to St Hilda's CollegeSchool visit to Ashmolean with St Hilda's College