The Revd Canon Brian Mountford

MBE, MA, BA (Newcastle)


Chaplain and Supernumerary Fellow

The Revd Canon Brian Mountford was Fellow and Chaplain of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge,  before becoming Vicar of the University Church, Oxford from 1986-2016. He has been Chaplain of St Hilda's since 1989 and conducts worship in the Chapel on one day each week in term. The 'Chaplain's Chat' is a new termly meeting with a visiting speaker when issues in public theology are discussed. Canon Mountford is Publisher at Large for the 'Christian Alternative' imprint of John Hunt Publishing which seeks  to promote radical theological ideas and to engage theologically with public issues. He  is Canon Emeritus of Christ Church Cathedral. In 2018 he will also be Acting Chaplain of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.


'Friday's Child: poems of suffering and redemption', Christian Alternatives, 23 February 2018

'Brian Mountford's engagement with religion, and with the world, and with the human aspects of them both, has been something I've long admired. In this inspiring collection of poems and readings for Good Friday he brings all his experience of literature, and of the need of readers and listeners both young and old, together to create a tapestry of great brilliance and a commentary of calm wisdom.' Philip Pullman


‘Changing Faces’ – Stories of death and Resurrection - Mowbrays 1990
‘Perfect Freedom - liberal Christianity' ‘O’ Books 2005
‘Christianity in Ten Minutes’ ‘O’ Books 2006
‘Happiness in Ten Minutes’ ‘O’ Books 2006
‘Christian Atheist – belonging without believing’ ‘O’ Books 2011

‘Christian Atheist’ contributes to the ‘God Debate’. It examines the experience of those drawn to Christianity who struggle with dogma and traditional belief, yet value the beauty of the Church's liturgy, New Testament ethics, and Christian community. It explores the nature of doctrine, doubt, and faith with sensitive honesty and calls for the Church to be more doctrinally inclusive.