At St Hilda's College, there are dedicated facilities for both undergraduate and graduate students, who are members of the JCR and MCR respectively.

Each student is an important member of our community. All are welcome at our events and are encouraged to keep up to date with our College news.

The Junior Common Room (JCR) has two meanings - it is both a place that has a bar, lounge area with a television and selection of newspapers, and a buttery, and it is used as a term for all the undergraduates in College. The JCR Committee represents the views and interests of undergraduates to the officers and decision-making bodies of the College, promotes the welfare of its members, and organises social activities. Find out more on the JCR website, the JCR Facebook page or in the Student Handbook. Members of the JCR can also contact Committee members by email:

JCR Executive Committee 2019/20:

Liberation & Support Committee

  • Amber Korde and Jonathan Pratt –  JCR Welfare Officers
  • Alison Fiorini and James Lingfield – Disabilities Liberation Officers
  • Magnus Jeffery – LGBTQ Officer
  • Benjamin Goh – BAME Officer
  • Ellie Bartley – Women’s Officer
  • Andrew Stapran – Internationals Officer

General Committee

  • Callum Sumpter, Henrik Bassett and Ella Fitzpatrick – Bar Managers
  • Jess Taylor and Tom Stowell – Ball Presidents
  • Effie Webb, Sasha Dickinson and Isolde Cervoni – Buttery Managers
  • Henry Hunt, Francesca Mencattelli and Katie Evans – Entz Officers
  • Akshay Pal and Hannah Rees – Freshers & Finalists Reps
  • Henry Bushell and Ella Dunkerley – Sports Officers
  • Georgia Watkins – Arts Officer
  • Jane Bennett and Izzy Davies – Charities Officers
  • Florence Lappin – Enviromental & Ethics Officer
  • Teddy Jennings– College Affairs Officer
  • Ralph Carro – OUSU / NUS  / Returning Officer
  • Unfilled – Academic Affairs & Careers Officer
  • Serena Millen - Access Officer
  • Max Taylor – IT Officer

Our graduate students are also welcome to use the JCR bar and lounge area. They are automatically members of the Middle Common Room (MCR), a term for both the graduate student body and the spacious meeting room on the main College site that is for their sole use. This is a pleasant environment for informal gatherings and social activities. The MCR is run by a committee of graduates elected every year, which represents their interests in practical ways. The committee organises a very active and varied social program of events in College, from brunches to film screenings. In addition to Dining Hall access throughout the year, MCR members are invited to a welcoming dinner with their College advisers in their first year. They also have the opportunity each year to attend a College dinner, to which they may invite their thesis supervisor or another academic guest. They can meet and mingle with the Fellows over refreshments at the MCR research event that is held each term. The MCR ensures that all graduates who want to pursue sport or other leisure activities at whatever level are able to enjoy the facilities they need. Find out more on the MCR Facebook page, or in the Student Handbook.

Please note that the JCR website will not necessarily represent the official views of the College.

MCR Executive Committee 2019/20:


JCR Bar, St Hilda's CollegeJCR Bar, St Hilda's CollegeVal McDermid Bar, St Hilda's College, University of OxfordJCR Bar, St Hilda's College