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Treasure Of The Month

Greek vase living in St Hilda's Library

October's 'Treasure of the Month' has been chosen by Maria Croghan, who retired from St Hilda's in September 2019 after 35 years as our Librarian. Maria's career here began when she was a Classics undergraduate and her favourite treasure captures both aspects of her time at St Hilda's.

Relatively little is known about the the greek vase that resides in the library, but it is thought to depict a scene from the Trojan war, when Achilles is obliged to give his concubine to Agamemnon. It was a gift to College from Mary Bennett (1965-1980), Principal of St Hilda's 1965-1980. It came to Maria when she took up her post as Librarian with a note from her predecessor, Ms Hampshire, giving strict instructions that it was to be kept in the Library.

We wish Maria a wonderful retirement as the vase passes to the care of our new Librarian, Dr Jill Dye.

Greek Vase