Assocation of Senior Members

Your strong relationship with St Hilda's College will not end when you graduate. All of our alumnae are able to stay connected to the College and each other through the Association of Senior Members. 

There are over 7,000 St Hilda's Senior Members. The Association of Senior Members (ASM) creates and promotes activities that reconnect former students to each other and to the College to the benefit of both. All students of St Hilda's College (including Visiting Students) can become members of the ASM. A fee of £30, paid over three years, is included in battels. 

St Hilda's Senior Members can take advantage of various benefits and services both in College and across the University.

ASM Committee

The ASM Committee is a group of St Hilda's Senior Members working together to promote the interests of all Senior Members and to foster links with the College. Any Senior Member can stand for election to the ASM Committee and serve a consecutive term of four years. The ASM Committee meets in College five times a year and helps to organise the ASM London Drinks, the London Tea Party and other events in College such as the Garden Party and the Gaudy Weekend. The next ASM Annual General Meeting is to be held at the Garden Party, June 2018. The ASM Committee also manages the ASM finances and the ASM Studentship Fund and selects the recipient for this award.

If you are interested in becoming a member or finding out more about the ASM, please contact the

Current ASM Committee members:

  • Ruth Fuller-Sessions (Classics, 1986) - Chair
  • Jan Archer (English, 1966) - Vice Chair
  • Margaret Ellis (English, 1963) - ASM Editor (co-opted)
  • Amr Aswad (Zoology, 2011) - Acting Treasurer (co-opted)
  • Bronwyn Travers - Governing Body Representative
  • Pauline Burton (English, 1963)
  • Catherine Clarebourne (Oriental Studies, 1989)
  • Henry Cosh (English, 2013)
  • Julie Dyson (English, 1982)
  • Jacky Hughes (History, 1965)
  • Lucy Meakin (English, 2002)
  • Alison Moore (Law, 1989)
  • Triona Adams (English, 1993) - Alumnae Events Manager, ex-officio
  • Audrone Jurkenaite-Epih - Campaign Executive, ex-officio
  • Fran Woodcock (Classics, 2004) - Alumnae Relations & Communications Manager, ex-officio