Art and the Brain was the topic for Hilary Term's 'Brain and Mind - from Concrete to Abstract' series

31st January 2020
Mind and Brain - From Concrete to Abstract seminar on Art and the Brain, 30 January

We were joined by expert speakers, Professor Chrystalina Antoniades (Oxford University), Dr Richard Jolley (University of Staffordshire), and Dr James Grant (Oxford University) who addressed the topic of 'Art and the Brain' from the points of view of neuroscience, psychology and philosophy respectively.

The audience enjoyed talks on the following subjects:

Professor Chrystalina Antoniades: Art and Neuroscience: building bridges between patients and neuroscience.

Dr Richard Jolley: The Developmental Psychology of Children's Art.

Dr James Grant: What makes good art good?

The thought-provoking and informative talks were followed by discussion and questions from the audience.