The Admissions Process

To apply to Oxford, all applicants must:

  1. Submit a UCAS application by the 15 October
  2. Check whether there is an admissions test for their subject, and ensure they have registered by the deadline
  3. Check whether written work is required for their subject, and submit this to the college by 10 November

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If you are invited for interview, you will come to Oxford for a few days in early December and stay in the College. An initial timetable is published by the University, as a guide. We give all interviewees a free room and meals in College.

Shortlisted candidates are likely to have at least two interviews. One or more interviews may also be conducted at another college.If you apply from outside the EU we will endeavour to hold an interview by Skype if you are unable to obtain a visa in time to travel. 

Tutors will ask you difficult questions to make you think on your feet. We are not looking for model answers. Tutors wish to assess your interest and motivation for the subject, your intellectual curiosity and ability for critical thinking.

Final Decisions

Initial shortlisting decisions will be sent via email from mid-November. If shortlisted, final decisions will be communicated in January. For the 2019 entry admissions cycle the date will be 9 January 2019.