Talks from past St Hilda's events still available to view

25th July 2020

Catch up with some of our past events here by watching the recorded sessions.

St Hilda's Garden Party 

Recorded greeting from the Principal, Sir Gordon Duff

Parallel Universes: the facts behind the fiction: Lecture and Q&A with Dr Luke Jew (Physics, 2009): 
Luke was part of the the second year of men admitted to College. He completed his DPhil at Oriel College, and then was a post-doctoral research associate in the physics department before returning to St Hilda's teaching second year thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, and third year atomic and molecular physics. Chaired by our Tutorial Fellow in Physics Dr Daniel Bulte

Novelist Philip Pullman and dramatist Madeleine Perham, In Conversation with Nicolette Jones   
Sir Philip Pullman, the creator of His Dark Materials Trilogy in conversation with two distinguished alumnae. Writer journalist and literary critic Nicolette Jones (English, 1978) has been Children's Books Reviewer for for over two decades. Madeleine Perham (English, 2012) is a theatre director and dramatist.

2020 St Hilda's in the City

The Suffragette Outrages: from bombs to the ballot box: Lecture and Q&A with Rebecca Walker and Dr Eve Worth
One of the earliest campaigns of terror was brought to London by militant members of the suffragette movement. Although repeatedly claiming their intention was not to endanger human life, their tactics included planting explosive devices in public places. In Conversation with Dr Eve Worth, Rebecca Walker reveals their methods and how later terror campaigns were influenced by the suffragettes.

DANSOX Summer School 2020

Introduction by Professor Sue Jones

Guest Lecture 2: Parisa Khobdeh on working with Paul Taylor

Guest Lecture 3: Marcus Bell on Pina Bausch and Tragedy

Guest Lecture 4: Joseph Kay on musical notation and dance notation

Guest Lecture 5: Susie Crow on the ballet class

Guest Lecture 6: Gabriela Minden on The Dance of Death and the Ballets Russes

Guest Lecture 7: Megan Smith on John Haskell