St Hilda's students are among the Laidlaw Scholars

We are delighted that our recent alumni, Andrew Williams (Physics, 2015), and current student, Ishann Kapoor (Biomedical Sciences, 2017), are among the 2019 Laidlaw Scholars. We were equally proud in 2018, when Isabel Galwey (Oriental Studies, 2015) and Lachlan Hughes (Modern Languages, 2014) were among the Laidlaw Scholars.

The Laidlaw Scholars Undergraduate Research & Leadership Programme was launched at the University of Oxford in 2016, building upon Lord Laidlaw’s visionary commitment to supporting undergraduate student development and education. It aims to equip undergraduate students with the necessary research skills and leadership skills to help them fulfil their ambitions beyond their course of study, whether they intend to pursue a career in research or in another sector.