St Hilda’s Living History Project

Our 'Living History' will document the social history of Oxford University's last women’s college. It will include 125 filmed interviews with our Senior Members in time, which will be completed for St Hilda's 125th anniversary celebrations in 2018.

We want to reflect the experiences of a wide range of alumnae over the decades and to showcase the remarkable people who have come through St Hilda's doors. We will collect their thoughts and memories about their time at College. We will also note their lives after University, discovering how St Hilda’s and Oxford helped shape their futures. By interviewing St Hilda’s graduates from the 1930s right up to the present day, the Living History Project records not only history of women’s education, but also documents the changing status of women more widely over the past 80 years.

We are asking participants to supply photographs or footage of their time at College and their subsequent careers to create a living record for our archive.

The Living History project was initiated by alumna Elizabeth Dorsett (Law, 2000), a former member of the ASM and Media Network Committees. Elizabeth has a background in film and television and was inspired to begin the project after hearing stories of the extraordinary experiences and achievements of St Hilda’s alumane.

Get Involved!

We are looking for Senior Members from all decades to be interviewed about their experiences. If would like to be involved or if you have any questions, please contact the Development Office.

Options for distribution of the interviews once captured are currently being discussed. They include a website showing edited extracts of the films and a DVD showing short extracts interlaced with archive footage. If you have any ideas for this we would love to hear them! Extracts are often displayed at the Garden Party and Gaudy, so do come to these events to have a look at the work in progress. You can see watch the first two extracts here: St Hilda's Living History: A Pilot Project and St Hilda's Living History: Women in Wartime.

To date, Living History has been funded through a loan from the ASM and generous donations from alumnae. We are very grateful to those who have already supported this important project, but in order to continue with filming we are seeking further funding. If you are interested in contributing, donations can be made at 'How to Make a Gift'. In the Single Gift section, you can select St Hilda’s Living History, or fill in a donation form.