Religious Life

St Hilda’s has its own small chapel in Milham Ford. Midweek services, to which all are welcome, are held regularly as published in the term card.

The approach of the chaplaincy is ecumenical and inclusive and, since we have no Sunday services at St Hilda's, many students participate in the wider religious life of the University, in churches and other college chapel choirs. Almost all faith groups are represented by University student societies and it is possible for people of all faiths to find a spiritual base. The Hindu Mandal in Oxford is very near College, as is the Central Oxford Mosque. There is a University Jewish Chaplaincy, and an Oxford Synagogue. For these and other places of worship, please see the University's Equality and Diversity webpages.

While research shows that about half of the British population claim to have ‘no religion’ at all, it also shows that there’s still a widespread desire for faith. The big questions don’t go away: the origins of the universe and of life, whether there are universal ethical principles, the meaning of self (who am I?), the idea that there might be something greater out there, the intuitive sense of the Divine Other. Each term there are two chapel discussion groups which address these and similar issues.

St Hilda's Chaplain is The Revd Canon Brian Mountford MBE, who until recently was Vicar of the University Church. The College also appoints one or two undergraduate Chapel Assistants each year to help organise and publicise chapel events. In addition the Chaplain organises occasional services such as baptisms, marriages, and memorial services. In September he conducts the Annual Gaudy Service in College.’

Compline is said in the Chapel every Tuesday during term time at 8pm.

Is there anything else the chapel could do for you?
Do you have a suggestion that will improve the work of the chapel? Would you like to talk or have support from someone from the chapel? Please contact us:

Revd Canon Brian Mountford, The Chaplain

Stanislaw Biber, Chapel Assistant 

Jack Stuart, Chapel Assistant 


Milham Ford ChapelMilham FordSt Hilda's Choir, before the joint-service with Oriel College at Oriel College Chapel