Dr Louise Hanson

BPhil, DPhil


Dr Louise Hanson is a Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy at St Hilda's College and an Associate Professor in Metaethics in the Faculty of Philosophy


I teach a range of papers from the undergraduate syllabus. Currently Moral Philosophy for Mods/Prelims, and Ethics and Aesthetics, but my teaching interests span a broader range including logic, philosophy of language, epistemology, and metaphysics.


I work on a variety of topics in metaethics and meta-aesthetics. I am interested in realism and related debates including: evaluative testimony, evolutionary debunking arguments, blame and blameworthiness, and the relationship between realism and naturalism. I am also interested in epistemic normativity, and issues in aesthetics including artistic value, morally bad art, and forgeries.


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2018      Moral Realism, Aesthetic Realism, and the Asymmetry Claim. Ethics 129: 39–69.

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2009      Is Concrete Poetry Literature? Midwest Studies in Philosophy 33(1) 2009: pp.78-106.