DANSOX Lecture by Kim Brandstrup - postponement

17th December 2020

DANSOX sends many apologies to everyone awaiting Kim Brandstrup's lecture on 20 December. Because of issues related to the Covid-19 situation, the lecture by international choreographer, Kim Brandstrup, Hearing Footsteps - the ear and the audible in dance and choreographic practice, with practical demonstration from dancers, Estela Merlos and Thomasin Gulgec, has been postponed until 2021, when it will be delivered live.

More DANSOX online events will follow in the New Year, including a showing with Yorke Dance related to the TORCH KE project on Dance as Grace: Paradoxes and Possibilities

Another date for your diary is the DANSOX Summer School, Friday 9th - Monday 12th July inclusive. This will have an interdisciplinary theme focussing on "notation" and along with our usual guests, Alice Oswald, the Oxford Professor of Poetry, will present on the 12th July.

Catch up with our past events on the DANSOX playlist of the JdP Music Building's YouTube channel.