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A Snowy South Building in the mid-1920s

This picture shows a calm and frosty winter  view  across the front of South Building in the mid-1920s. In 1919, it got so cold that the water on the surrounding meadows froze over. Student Ethel Collinson wrote in a letter to her mother on the 16th February 1919:

“The frost held for about a week here.  The University Skating Club flooded Long Meadow, and let it freeze, and while it held all the world went skating.  I could not get there until the end of the week.  I spent about an hour one afternoon falling about on Marjorie’s skates.  Then just as I had arranged with Doris Coleman to borrow her skates during the afternoon, as she could not ever use them till after four, of course the thaw came!  She had a gorgeous time that week.  She and her colleagues and their friends, some of them male, used to have moonlight supper parties on the ice!” [PP 13/52]

South Building at St Hilda's in the mid 1920s