St Hilda's College has one of the largest professional networks on LinkedIn among Oxbridge Colleges. 

LinkedIn offers a great way for Senior Members to offer career advice and guidance to our current students as well as keep in touch with other professionals. St Hilda's has a range of active alumnae-led career networks:

  • Law Network
  • Media Network
  • Business Network
  • Government Network
  • Medical Society
  • Education Network
  • Music Network
  • Economics Network
  • Not-for-Profit Network
  • Science and Engineering Network

These networks organise regular social and career events in Oxford, London and beyond. One example is the St Hilda's Writers' Day at the annual Oxford Literary Festival. New members are always welcome: to join, become a member of the relevant Network(s) on LinkedIn or email Development Office be added to the mailing list. Graduates can also get advice from Oxford University Career Service.