'Armies and political change in Britain, 1660-1750' by Dr Hannah Smith is published

12th January 2022

Dr Hannah Smith, one of the College's Tutorial Fellows in History, has published Armies and political change in Britain, 1660-1750 with Oxford University Press (2021). Armies and Political Change in Britain, 1660 -1750 argues that armies had a profound impact on the major political events of late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Britain. Beginning with the controversial creation of a permanent army to protect the restored Stuart monarchy, this original and important study examines how armies defended or destroyed regimes during the Exclusion Crisis, Monmouth's Rebellion, the Revolution of 1688-1689, and the Jacobite rebellions and plots of the post-1714 period, including the '15 and '45.

Congratulations to Dr Smith!