Dance Scholarship Oxford (DANSOX), founded by Professor Susan Jones, promotes dialogue between prominent academic disciplines and the worlds of dance theory and practice.

Traditionally, dance has received less attention than other art forms. However, major interdisciplinary enquiries now show how movement, from routine to sophisticated dance practice, contributes to the wider understanding of our core subjects. Important questions in anthropology are dependent on the fundamental evidence provided by dance. Experts in neuro-scientific and medical fields draw on the knowledge of the trained dancer to investigate the physiological problems of what makes us move, and why. Such enquiries contribute to major research into the workings of the brain, to the development of prosthetics, to innovations in the field of mental health. Conversely, they also enhance the practice of choreography and dissemination of dance as communal activity in the modern world. These are fundamental intellectual questions stimulating reciprocal debate across disciplines. The ideas are disseminated through public events and workshops. The success of such events led to the development of DANSOX - a hub for dance-related research activities based at St Hilda’s College. 

DANSOX workshop, Jacqueline du Pre Music BuildingKim Brandstrup at Jacqueline du Pre Music BuildingKim Brandstrup at Jacqueline du Pre Music Building